Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brown's Island Pedestrian Bridge

One of my favorite places to experience the James River is from Brown's Island along Tredegar Street. Once you cross the bridge onto the island itself, you can walk onto a remnant of another bridge that once spanned across the river. A section in the middle has been removed, however the Brown's section was renovated and made accessible to pedestrians. Everyone can now go out over a section of rapids created by an old dam.

As you step onto the bridge and pass under the CSX train trestle, be sure to look down. The renovation team embedded a series of brushed stainless "planks" into the walkway with historical quotes. This little detail is a thoughtful touch and adds historical relevance to the place.

There are few legitimate places where the public can experience the river that is so much a part of Richmond's history and geography. This walkout is perhaps the most accessible and safest place to feel the river and its rapids without getting wet.

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